Trash Grommets

Grommet Source is the leading authority on stainless steel trash grommets. These polished trash grommets for countertops offer a clean look to trash receptacles. Sleek looking stainless steel is durable and works well in restaurants, healthcare facilities, veterinary offices, hair salons and kitchen countertops. Ideal anywhere access to a trash container under the counter is needed. Our trash grommets match with other stainless steel applications and fixtures, and are also dishwasher safe.

Trash grommets are not specific to industrial needs. Custom homebuilders are including trash grommets in their building plans to add an element of style to countertops. Private homeowners prefer trash grommets because of the ease of use and added class. Our trash grommets come in many different sizes to fit any receptacle need. They are available in both polished and brushed stainless steel.

Our online store offers grommets for close to any size trash trim. Different depth sizes are available to accommodate thick countertops and allow for enough depth to cover the edges of the material. The different size diameter chute holes work to achieve an effective trash management solution. There are also grommets made specifically for smaller countertops and make for a less noticeable trash chute edge.

With such a diverse history in the hardware business and by serving a wide range of clients in various industries, Grommet Source has become a leading authority on trash grommets and trash trim rings. The specialists at Grommet Source have been serving customers since 1995, and it is our goal to serve your trash management needs with reliable and professional grommet supply services. With The Grommet Source, you will be guaranteed the best product possible. Please contact your local Grommet Source specialist today in order to begin your Grommet Source experience, or give us a call at (573) 445-3599.