About Grommet Source

The Grommet Source History

The Grommet Store was born in 1995 out of the success of its parent company, Rufkahrs Hardware, Inc.  In 1987 Rufkahrs Hardware began as an antique business, selling an eclectic selection of modern and antique reproduction furniture, including trunks, Hoosier Hardware, bed, chair and rocker parts, pie safes and more.

Eventually, Rufkahrs founder, Cliff Rufkahrs, began to see sales increase in their selection of brick and mortar hardware – products used in the furniture and antique reproduction process.  At the time, these products were only made available via in-store purchase or by special order through a paper catalog.  From his previous experience in several other businesses, including a custom home building business, Cliff realized the potential of an online store that exclusively offered hardware products, and thus Hardwaretree.com was created with Grommetsource.com soon to follow.

Given the parent company’s previous history and markets, the question arises as to why Grommet came about. Throughout his professional career, Cliff held multiple positions in a variety of industries ranging from commercial artist for Gannett Outdoor, general manager for Pepsi Cola, a real estate sales and development professional, and, as mentioned before, a custom home builder.  Throughout his experience he has realized that no matter what the industry, people are always going to have trash and thus a need for tidy trash management resources.  The demand is even greater for businesses seeking to limit a customer’s exposure to the entire trash receptacle.

From countertop manufacturers to medical offices, Cliff realized there was a need for a business to supply companies with reliable access to hardware giving built-in trash receptacles and other grommet related products a clean appearance.

People can still find antique and modern furniture reproductions on Rufkahrs.com, but the company’s main focus is now and will continue to be hardware products and grommets.  Rufkahrs.com, Hardwaretree.com and Grommetsource.com combined offer more than 8000 unique items.

With such a diverse history in the hardware business and by serving a wide range of clients in various industries, The Grommet Source has become a leading authority on trash grommets and trash trim rings.  As Cliff and his entire team work to continually improve upon each element of their business, they look forward to speaking with you about how they can best serve your trash management needs with reliable and professional grommet supply services.