Polished Stainless Steel Trash Grommet 8” x 1” HC-6148-179


These smaller polished stainless steel trash grommets measure 8” x 1” deep.  Offers a clean look for countertop trash receptacles. The trash chute fits an 8” diameter hole.  A good fit for thinner countertops, with enough depth to cover edges of the material.  Top flange is approximately 3/8” wide, offering a minimal visible edge. 

Sleek looking stainless steel is durable and works well in restaurants, hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary offices, hair salons, on kitchen countertops and anywhere access to a trash container under the counter is needed.

Gives custom home under counter trash receptacles a clean look that matches other brushed stainless steel fixtures and appliances. Dishwasher safe.